Eyelash extensions: Which woman who loves make-up does not want those beautiful long and full eyelashes? Show me one!

Every woman searches at a given moment for the best way to get XXL eyelashes. From serums, expensive mascaras to do-it-yourself. If that does not help or you just want a result right away, then fake eyelashes are an option. You might also know the biggest drawback of fake eyelashes. Good gluing and hope that it stays on during your date. With eyelash extensions you are temporarily away from the eyelash problem. The best part is that you get up in the morning and it looks like you have mascara on. But what do you really need to know about eyelash extensions? In this blog post you can read 10 things you need to know about eyelash extensions.

Xcluskin By Alejandra

I recently had an interview with Alejandra from XcluSkin in Haaksbergen. She specializes, among other things, in setting up eyelash extensions. She uses the 1 on 1 method with unbelievably beautiful results. See also the photos below.

1 – Always go to your treatment without mascara on your eyelashes

Alejandra schedules 1 to 1.5 hours for each appointment. ‘If you come without mascara, there is more time to set up eyelashes’. As she says; For the best result, every minute is important.

2 – The length of time your eyelash extensions stay fantastic varies per person

In one person the hairs grow faster than the other. This is due to various factors such as your hormones and time of the year. Have you noticed that your head hair grows faster in the summer period? Well, that also applies to your eyelash hairs. Our skin also makes fat. Combined with all kinds of factors, eyelashes can fall off faster than you might think. The expected duration for good looking extensions is 3 to 4 weeks. It is recommended to go for an extra treatment every 3 weeks.

3 – Never take off your lashes yourself

There are ultimately two ways to get lashes off without ruining your natural lashes. You can have it done by a professional or it will fall off on it self as the adhesive loses strength. The latter is due to the growth cycle of your natural lashes and life cycle of the used adhesive.  For the sake of god never ever do it yourself by using your hands or with the help of a tweezer. It is inevitable that you will rip off your own natural lashes in the proces. Aftermath.. You have even lesser or no lashes left.

4 – Do not pull or rub on the lashes

The hairs that have just been set can fall off when you pull or rub on the lashes. Worst case scenario is that the hairs get attached to each other. Good luck with fixing that, which is not easy by the way. Protect yourself from this horror and just don’t pull or rub on your beautiful lashes.

Magic black coating mascara to optimally enjoy your eyelashes with extensions.

6 – Never let the expert use too long eyelash extensions then necessary

Eyelash extensions are available in different sizes. Alejandra indicates that the used length is different on each clientele . She is paying attention to the natural length of each hair. ‘What I’m trying to do is to keep it as natural as possible. 30 percent extra in length is the maximum compared to your natural eyelash length. Otherwise it can look to obvious that you have used extensions which does not look flattering.

7 – You can wear false eyelashes on top of your eyelash extensions.

On top of your eyelash extensions you can put on false eyelashes. ‘There are ladies who do this for a special occasion such as wedding to create the extreme look. Beware of taking off false eyelashes. It can happen that you take some eyelashes with you. You can prevent this by taking it very carefully. ‘

8 – Clean your eyelashes every day to prevent the build-up of sleep between your lashes

‘I see a lot of girls who do not clean their lashes. After your night’s rest you will always wake up with those morning dirt between your lashes. If you brush your eyelashes then you literally shoot up granules. Cleaning your eyelashes and eyelids is perhaps the most important. By cleaning it properly, you prevent build-up of bacteria and other impurities. What I recommend is to use Lash5 lip & eye remover with a very soft brush (or from another brand). Another alternative is to use baby shampoo WITHOUT oil. ‘

use the right tools for your eyelash

9 – If you use a lot of eyeliner, your lashes can stick to each other

Eyeliner can cause your lashes to stick to each other. For example, you can better use a liquid eyeliner eventhough it is difficult to apply this one and let it set in correctly. An extremely thick line is not recommended. If they are stuck together, it is best to comb your eyelashes gently with a clean brush designed to use for eye lashes.

10 – Certification that a specialist has is the half of the story about qualification

Finally, Alejandra provides tips on what you should pay attention to before planning an appointment with an eyelash extension specialist. ‘Obtaining a certificate is the half of the story, Always look for end results via social media etc. Ask your network if there are people with experience with that particular specialist. Also do not forget to look at the workspace and environment. Does that person work sterile? Hygiene is of extreem importance, because you do not want to have an eye infection the day after.’

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