We are flooded with advertisements about (re)new(ed) beauty products. You scroll on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat and after a few messages you see an advertisement. That is not the only way we get updated. Your friends are also sharing these advertisements and promote product. But what are the secrets the beauty branch doesn’t share with us? In this blogpost you can read about secrets that the beauty branch would rather not tell you.

dure make-up artikelen is meestal niet de beste

1 – The truth about expensive cosmetics products

There are girls who buy expensive cosmetics products of only one brand. That while budget brands can be equally good. Here are two good examples showing this:

Three weeks ago I had to shop for a new mascara. I always used “Lancome Hypnosis Waterproof Mascara.” It works very well and I am love the slightly curved brush. You can easily reach all lashes. After two months of use the tube empty to my surprise. The brush felt very dry. To extend the duration, I added a little bit liquid for lenses in the mascara. After this I could use it for a while again.

Finally at one point I decided to try out a mascara from the budget brand Essence. When purchasing I pay attention to two properties: the brush and whether it is waterproof. I have choosing the one which is called “I love Extreme”. The price tag is less than three euros. The brush is thicker and fortunately it does not have a bad smell. Maybe you did not know that, but some mascaras can have a strange smell. The only downside is that it is difficult for the brush to reach all eyelashes. The chance of spilling is therefore also greater. Despite this, it works surprisingly well.


Another example.

In a beauty group on Facebook, I regularly read messages from women who are surprised by a budget make-up product. A member bought the glow & highlights palette of the budget store called ‘action’. She was greatly surprised at how well it works. I purchased to try it out. You notice that the quality of the palette is not as good as, for example, Anastacia Glow Kit. But does it do what it is meant for? Yes, it certainly does. My tip is to use a good brush. It can crumble a lot.

glow highlichts palette action

Unless money does not play a role for you, you could try some budget make-up products. After all, it is the result that counts.

De waarheid over anti-aging producten

2 – The truth about anti-aging products

The beauty branch doesn’t want you to know this, but well I’ll share it with you. You can’t stop the aging process of your skin. even though it is well known that “anti-aging” products are worldwide accepted as a solution . it is not.  For the most of us we want to prevent or reduce wrinkles. According to Dr. Fayne Frey and Dr. Simon Yoo it is to this day unclear as to whether it actually helps reduce it. What you do notice is that each anti-aging product contains the same ingredients. This includes retinol and antioxidants. If you are a health (slash) beauty geek then you already know that nutrition and lifestyle may be more important than the smearing of creams. Remember that anti-aging market is a multi-billionaire business. This is one of the reasons that you read that it actually does work. Don’t be fooled and save money.


3 – The truth about hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic sounds very interesting. It should be the product that has been specially developed for extremely sensitive skin. Want to know the truth? In a study conducted in September 2017 by JAMA Dermatology, it appears that most hypoallergenic products did not meet the promises. Most products still contain a type of allergen such as aroma for the fragrance or parabens. Of the products that indicated that it is perfume-free, 45 percent still showed perfume. Conclusion hypoallergenic can still give a certain reaction.

kanker verwekkende ingrediënten

4 – One in five products contains carcinogenic ingredients

20 percent of all cosmetics products contain the ingredient formaldehyde. It is a carcinogenic chemical. In Europe it is now mandatory to mention formaldehyde in the ingredients. It is  for instance used in some nail products and hair dye. At a nail salon it often happens that they especially use formaldehyde. Breathing this can be dangerous. Recently a research has also been done on cause of cancer by using hair dye. It is suggested that a woman should not dye their hair more than five times a year. If they do more, there is a risk of “fourteen percent to develop breast cancer”. Whether this is really the case will be apparent from an additional investigation.


5 – SPF in foundation offers insufficient sun protection

Most of the foundation we buy contains 15 to 20 SPF (Sun Protection Factor). This is insufficient sun protection. Because of this, you need to use additional sun protection creams. There are several reasons why it is important to protect your skin. One is that UV radiation breaks down elastin. Elastin ensures that the skin remains supple and resilient. Good to know is that the skin makes new elastin. In reality the production of elastin decreases as you get older. The result is that it can not catch up with the production as it used to resulting in wrinkling or photo aging. Consult with a specialist which factor suits you best.

Meeste lippenstiften bevatten lood

6 – Some lipstick has lead

According to NCV (Dutch Cosmetics Association) there is lead in some lipsticks. Lead occurs almost everywhere in our environment. The traces of lead may possibly end up in the product during the production. In a 2007 survey by NVWA and 2011 by FDA (US consumer organization), both authorities found that some products contained lead. The level that have been found appear to be extremely low. NCV therefore states: “Compared to the food that you consume every day, the amount of lead that you ingest through daily lipstick use is negligible.”

That lipstick can also cause allergic reaction is also apparent from this message. A three-year-old child received an allergic reaction from a lipstick. This happened after his mother wrote the first letter of his name on the forehead of her son, using the lipstick. After they tried to wash it off, they saw redness. Furthermore within 48 hours the area started to swell and the child got blisters. In summary, the child received an allergic reaction by a lipstick. This is No 507 “Relentless Rouge” long-lasting lipstick from L’Oreal. The spot has healed but the scar is still visible 8-O. hopefully the scar will heal completely as time goes by.

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