You are daily preparing and in one way or another you become uninspiring figuring a new eye makeup look. Trying something new is not always easy. You look in the mirror and ask yourself: Which part of my face will I emphasise more? Eyes or lips? When we talk about eye makeup then there are so many possibilities. In a research they found out that more than 70 percent of men first look at the eyes  of a person. Time for inspirations to make your eyes shine. A easy social media platform to find new inspirations is…

We are flooded with advertisements about (re)new(ed) beauty products. You scroll on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat and after a few messages you see an advertisement. That is not the only way we get updated. Your friends are also sharing these advertisements and promote product. But what are the secrets the beauty branch doesn’t share with us? In this blogpost you can read about secrets that the beauty branch would rather not tell you. 1 – The truth about expensive cosmetics products There are girls who buy expensive cosmetics products of only one brand. That while budget…

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