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If you love make-up beauty and fashion, then you are at the right place. On Primerlure I share blog posts about everything that is related to these topics. You can think of posts regarding do-it-yourself, tips/hacks, tutorials, reviews, health/fitness and fashion news/trends. You will also find blog posts about apps and columns type messages.

Most bloggers / vloggers are very serious about the topic in question. While this is very good I like to put some humor in most of the blog posts. The reason for this is because I just love humor (who doesn’t right?). As the saying goes; A day without a laughter is a day wasted.

With the help of my input I will filter the big world of beauty and fashion with subjects that really do matter for you.

Me, Myself and Primerlure

Hi, my name is Aylin Karademir. Since I was little, I got hooked on make-up and fashion. A addiction that most of my readers have fortunately. My biggest inspiration are my two sisters. They really are amazing and where at times very helpful to me. I hope that I can inspire you too. I really like to help people as it gives me a feeling of gratification. What I also think is that you should continue to share knowledge. With the help of my input I will filter the big world of beauty and fashion with subjects that really do matter for you.

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