Does the following sound familiar? You want to start your own business and you can see it all in front of your eyes. One minute you drink coffee and you say to yourself: “What the hell is my company going to be called? what business name is should i use”. If you are stuck with figuring out your company name and what name you should choose, then this blog post is for you. Read my experience and howto about coming up with a company name here. In short I discovered Primerlure in the following way: Grabbing…

Free photo editing apps, you just have to search in the app store and you can find so much different types. After installation you will discover that you have to pay for certain filters or possibilities. It is therefore useful for all selfie lovers to have a good photo editor on your phone. The one that does come with surprise such as pay to use or tolerate our advertisement. Or the one that just don’t get the job done well. Say cheese! You are at an event. It is super lit. You pick up your phone…

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