Every year we encounter nice new trends. The thing I love the most is that a certain style makes a come-back. What I usually see is a sort of upgrade in a different combi. What you always see is that many brands are trying to market a certain trend quickly, hoping that they will go over the counter like hot cakes. Fashion trends that have been available in stores for too long may disappear at some point. By too long I mean that a certain item of clothing is worn for more than two years. There are also trends that are simply not done. In this blogpost you will read 6 fashion trends that hopefully will disappear in 2018.

1 –       Chunky Chokers

Chokers die te groot te opvallend zijn moeten verdwijnen

To this day I still find chokers fantastic. Even though a lot of men do not like them. If you combine it well it can be a good addition to your style. A good replacement for a necklace in my opinion. But please, do not put on those big, very big eye-catching chokers. As in the image above, I find it ‘too striking’. With these chokers it seems like you want to completely hide your neck. Like, I can not. Let it be gone in 2018!

2- Gushy ripped jeans

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Don’t get me wrong. Ripped jeans  are great and they are here to stay. I have a few in my closet.. you can also combine it with a fishnet tights. And then you have those overly torn jeans. Stop wearing them. It looks to stressed and not flattering in anyway.  In 2017 we have seen enough examples of why it can stay better in 2017.

 3 – fishnet tights above your pants

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I just mentioned that fishnet tights under your torn pants are still okay to wear. What will hopefully soon disappear is the trend with fishnet tights above your pants. It looks trashy. Even if you wear a crop top in the summer. Do not combine it with a fishnet panty which you then pull up as if it were a highwaist jeans. I hope that I do not see anyone doing this in 2018.

4 – Transparent plastic with clothing or shoes

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Fashion shows are great. It is a moment of inspiration. The real mistake is when they showed the transparent plastic that they use for clothing. It looks .. How shall I say it? It looks cheap. In addition, I wonder what happens if you start sweating. Do you see it before you? I hope that no brand will try to market this in 2018.

5 –       cold shoulder trend

cold-shoulder trend

For several years we’ve seen cold-shoulder tops in different ways . You also see that dresses are sold with an opening at the shoulders. After 2 years it can slowly disappear. If you are honest, it is not super comfortable. Especially not in the winter. If you go shopping in 2018, my advice is not to buy cold-shoulder tops or dresses. Choose flare sleeve style.

6 – laced-up pants

laced-up broeken

Just like with tip 3 over fishnet tights over your pants, a laced-up pants also look trashy. I hope that this type of pants are not worn in 2018. Just imagine that you wear this during a sunny day. A little later you are burned in a strange way. No, better prevent circumstances like this.


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