Shopping is fun. No shopping is AM-A-ZING. It really gives me a positive energy how about you? To my surprise though, I noticed something terrible in my wardrobe. I have clothes that have never been worn. Despite a crowded wardrobe, I shop every week. Maybe you recognize that too. Why is it that we buy clothes that we will never wear it? More important is the question: how can we prevent this?

Her answer was: “It is PRADA, and they were 75% discounted”

Aankoop met een goede intenties maar niet goed doordacht

Purchase with a good intention but not well thought out

According to Kit Yarrow (psychologist consumer), the biggest culprit is a wrong addition to a purchase. For example, a typical purchase scenario is as follows:

This top is pretty fun. But something that is not entirely right. Because it is in sale, I’m going to buy it anyway.¬†According to her, this is a classic example. We buy because we think we can not ignore it. That while we do not think of the moments and combinations with which we can carry it.

In an interview she found out for example that a consumer bought a blouse because of the fabric which is “wonderful to touch”. That is the positive side to that garment. The consumer found out much later that it can not be combined. In addition, it appears to be too tight and not comfortable. She doesn’t return it though. The result is that it disappears in her wardrobe.

In another interview, a consumer bought a pair of high heels from Prada. It turns out to be high heels that are totally not comfy to wear being a size to small. Despite this, the interviewee indicated that it is not a bad buy. Meanwhile, she has her great high heels in her closet. She has worn it till this day. Her answer to this was: “It is PRADA, and they were 75% discounted”. She is waiting for an occasion where moderate walking is not necessary. The love for a specific product also plays a major role in a purchase.

Fantasie VS realiteit

Fantasy versus the reality

During shopping, we fantasize about a unrealistic events in the future. This is another cause that makes us feel awesome when we go shopping. Fantasize about how others will react to our purchases,  we think about the feeling when putting on those clothes and so on. Failure occurs because we visualize a lifestyle that in reality will never happen. You can think of: A leaner body or on holiday in a glamorous cruise ship.

verkeerde aankoop overkomt iedereen

We all make a wrong decision.. sometimes

I know a friend who literally have a lot of clothes with labels still attached on it. I also recognized this with myself. Well not the extent that she has. But I have been able to limit it by realizing only the following:

Remain realistic about your purchase and think of the ways to return the piece of clothing.

My most recent disappointment was with a top. When I wanted to fit it, I saw that the fitting rooms were overcrowded. I decided to do this at home. I had bought an off-the-shoulder top. It looked nice and the fabric felt great. I thought yay, but when I got home, and started to wear it, it was a big fat NAY. The top was too big. I also could not think of any clothing combination. I put it in front of the door in a plastic bag. That’s how I was confronted with it every day. Within 14 days I exchanged it with a great skirt. When you buy something and it is a fail please, plan-do-act and replace it.

geen foute aankoop tijdens shoppen begint bij jezelf

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