Finally it is here. Primerlure 2.0 is LIVE.

If you have visited Primerlure before, you will probably notice that the website is faster, smoother and more mobile friendly. There is also the possibility to read the blogposts in Dutch or in English via the language selector in the menu. finally there is a heart icon at the bottom of every message that a like can give.

Blogposts that you must read

You can expect the following blog posts in the coming period:

  1. Beauty: Jade roller is it worth the buy?
  2. Fashion: Animal print 2019? No, not for me.
  3. Fashion: The fashion colors of this spring / summer 2019
  4. Beauty: Maybelline snapscara is het inderdaad zo goed?
  5. Personal: Fitnessen met een Bluetooth headphone of in-ear
  6. Beauty: Review Kruitvat huidolie en oog crème

Full-time work and blogging

It is and remains a challenge. If you are a full-timer, you will have less time to spend on your hobbies during the week. Assume that a blog / vlog takes at least 4 to 6 hours to prepare and plan with everything around it. Afterwards, you take care of the fine-tuning that can last for a few more hours to and voila no social life. Actually like everything else it starts with a plan-do-check act.

I know what you think; does it really take so much of one’s time? And the answer to that is; Yes, you want to do it perfect.

English vs Dutch blogging

Initially when I started with this website, my focus was mainly on Dutch readers. Now that I see that I also have English followers on Instagram, it is pretty obvious to me that I also need to blog in Engels. This way I hope that more people can enjoy the amusing blog posts.

If you have any tips, requests etc. let me know.

Don’t forget to follow Primerlure on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

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