So you decided to lose weight and you have an goal such as “I want to lose 10 kg (22 pounds) within three months”. Even though this objective is SMART, this alone is not enough. You may have already formulated the “how”. This may be that after work or in the weekend you will go to gym. A few weeks later and your scale shows you that hardly anything has changed. You feel hopeless. Where did it go wrong? You occasionally  went to the gym and yet it did not made any differences. After that you say to yourself: tomorrow I’m going to crash diet and I’m going to exercise. The next day you seem to have other plans. The feeling you had yesterday has disappeared. What now?

Every spring you see the craziest commercials about losing weight. From shakes and pills to apps. It all sounds too good to be true. Who would not want to lose weight fast? Everybody. Despite this, it does not work for the 99% of the people who try to. What is the cause of this? And actually really works? In this blog post I share my approach to lose weight effectively, healthy and to keep this.

alles begint met toewijding

Toewijding is de eerste stap

Everything you do in your life begins with dedication. What does being committed really mean? It means surrender, permanent and complete attention. This is one of the most important part of the process to reach your ideal weight. How do you ensure that you are committed? It starts with thinking about the end result and how well you will feel. You then have to visualize this in detail. You literally have to dream about it. It must be an obsession. I repeat the last one. It MUST be an OBSESSION! Failure is not an option. Now or never! Even though you try different ways. Things that do not work are just a sort of filter. Edison has tried to develop a light bulb in more than 1,000 ways. He saw a failed attempt as a moment of revelation.. In the end he succeeded in developing a light bulb. As long as you are committed, you will find your way and approach which works only for you.

You are what you eat unless you know what you eat

Firstly the hing I do not want is to create the feeling that I rob myself of eating certain things. The word diet for me feels like something that is temporary. Everything that feels like temporary is doomed to fail. If you have already tried a type of diet you probably know this already.

One thing we always carry with us is our beautiful and valuable mobile phone. So it is useful to have an app that can help you positively. In this case I use an app called FatSecret. What I am tackling with this is finding out what I eat every day. You are what you eat unless you know what you eat.

By using this app, you become aware of the number of calories in a product. This allows you to realize what you can possibly do differently. It is comparable as you would with a dietitian. The biggest difference is that you decide what you are going to eat. After you have registered, you indicate a personal goal. After this it speaks for itself. There are so many things you can do with this app, such as tracking weight, viewing recipes, and following others’ progress. As far as I am concerned, this is a very usefull and revealing app.

Download Fatsecret for free:




my method for a more active lifestyle when it rains

Because you have thousands of exercises that you can perform at home, you really do not have to be registered at a gym. The biggest advantage is convenience, privacy and comfort. Personally I really like jogging. If it rains, I prefer to stay at home. The exercises that I do at home are rope jumping, squats and yoga. All these exercises are easy to do at home. What I do anyway every morning is skipping robe for 5 minutes. It gives me a huge kick. For me this is comparable to a double espresso.

It’s a lifestyle

Finally, the entire process as a lifestyle on it self.  Like they say: To change yourself you have to change.

Try to do something everyday, Even if it is only 10 minutes it is always better then doing nothing right? In the end it will gives you a the feeling of success and you will feel better and more confident.

no stress no pain and no gain

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