Does the following sound familiar? You want to start your own business and you can see it all in front of your eyes. One minute you drink coffee and you say to yourself: “What the hell is my company going to be called? what business name is should i use”. If you are stuck with figuring out your company name and what name you should choose, then this blog post is for you. Read my experience and howto about coming up with a company name here.

In short I discovered Primerlure in the following way:

  1. Grabbing a notebook with keywords about what i would like to start and answering the W- questions (who, what where, how and most importantly why.
  2. Using  a business name generator for inspiration.
  3. availability check for a domain name on versio.nl < TIP click here to get hosting + domain,
  4. availability check  for via a social media checker.

At the end of this post you will find four original blog/webshop names so please keep on reading.

Use one of these awesome(free) business name generators

A way to come up with a new is to use a ‘Business Name Generator’. The biggest advantage of using a generator is that it will come up with something for you, preventing you for having a headache . Maybe, just maybe it will come up with something which will blow your mind and which totally is what you where looking for. Do write all the possibilities in your notebook.  The moment you start you want your business to be something people want to get to know it. full stop..

Writing  everything down is in my opinion to best way for achieving inspiration.

1 – https://businessnamegenerator.com/

How this webpage works is pretty easy: you just type a few words press enter and lo and behold some businessnames.

2 – http://www.wordlab.com/name-generators/business-name-generator/

Wordlab Business name generator

Wordlab business name generator is also a great tool. This tool is based of more then 7.2 milion names. there also a forum where you can ask for support.

3 – https://namesmith.io/

Namesmith.io; the creative business name generator

As it says in the front page: The creative business name generator. after describing your idea in up to 5 words, you will get a list of business names to choose from.

What i did? double check on versio.nl whether the domain names are available for the potential company name.

Writing keywords allows your creativity to emerge

For creating this website i did use a notepad.  Writing stuff is in my opinion one of if not the best way to get new inspiration and epiphany. Do not think of basic words (naaa don’t be basic for this one). After writing down a few words, try to go a level further with it.

Example: Makeup = beauty = look creation = unique = eyeshadow = concealer

Yes, you can also choose a synonyms in this case. Let’s say i want to start a webshop which sells clothes. The process for this would be as following:

  • Selling clothes for Males and Females
  • Different type of clothes
  • Pants
  • T-shirts
  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • shirt
  • How to position it > Unique clothing style (which is differentiating)
  • Style type: Basic / Party / Business / Casual
  • Different colors

What are synonyms for differentiating?

  • Transform, metamorphose, evolve, convert, change , adapt

what are synonyms for this? http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/synonym)

This is something which i do for other keywords. Finally i look at my sheet in a way to see whether i can merge words/phrases or come up with an amazing name spelled differently.

Find below some example company names:

  • Collebrite (merge of the words collection and brite)
  • The *capital of Fashion (see it as a online capitol in fashion)
  • Clocked Up Store (synonym for occupied)
  • Clothescandal (some clothes are scandalous right?)

This names should be avaliable for social media and domain name. please let me know if it is not.

I do hope that after you read the tips and workflow as specified in this post you will be able to come up with an amazing company name. Let the success for your business start!


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