Which colors will be offered in the stores summer of 2019? One way to find out what we can expect is to look at runway and fashion weeks. Now that the colors were presented about 4 to 5 months ago, I thought about writing a blog post about this particular subject. In this blog post you will read a summary about what we saw back then. Personally I find all the  colors beautiful. Scroll on to see what I mean.

Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report

A little secret. Most designers check the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report. This report emphasize top colors for the coming season. Fashion designers include these colors to some extend in their collections and present them during NY Fashion Week. For this season, the Pantone NY Fashion Week spring / summer 2019 colors are powerful and uplifting.

The colors at a glance

The colors that will be trending in the coming season are shown in the image below. In general we see that they are soft, spicy and strong colors. The neutral colors (soybean, eclipse, sweet corn and brown grantie) contain distinctive color contrast.

I myself recently wear many beige colors. So soybean type of colors are my thing at this moment. although i see that the blues are always trending. This also applies this time. That is not a bad thing though. In this post i will focus on the other colors.

Bron: https://www.pantone.com/color-intelligence/fashion-color-trend-report/fashion-color-trend-report-new-york-spring-summer-2019

Color of the year 2019 is PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral

The color coral is chosen as the color of the year and that is for a good reason. It is a soft color that reminds me of relaxing on the beach. After seeing different photos, it seems that designers will choose from light coral colors to light salmon color type.

Sweet Lilac

Not too light and not too bright (or it is actually bright). This pink color is really feminine. I wonder if this color will be used for male clothing. Guess not. Anyhow, this color can offer the difference in your wardrobe.

Fiesta and Jester Red

At first glance you probably think; this is just red, right? Yes that’s correct. There is only one thing. Fiesta is in fact the festive type of red color. On the other hand, you also have a darker reds. The Jester Red which is a color that adds depth and intensity. The festive red color looks great. As far as I’m concerned, the dark red is a bit more for the fall / winter.

The yellow color Turmeric, Aspen Gold and Mango Mojito

If you now go shopping for clothes, then you probably saw it too. There are many clothes available in yellow. It is a typical spring / summer color. Yellow is also a symbol of happiness and freedom. As far as I’m concerned, a good addition to your wardrobe.


The colors that you see during fashion shows are primarily a source of inspiration for designers. It can always differ from what is available in the store. Colors with a certain pattern is also something that we will often see this year. Such as black with yellow etc. If your wardrobe is full of white and black colors then this may be the moment. Firstly, alternating colors are always a must in your wardrobe. Secondly, it will give you a better mood in the end. For me shopping makes me really happy. It is a “me time” moment, to explore which stores have what. Let’s call it fun shopping which it really is.

I will soon write a blog post about the expected colors for this year’s fall / winter. stay tuned!


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