Animal print: Tiger, panther, zebra and leopard print. It is really trending again. available in every store now a days. Every female fashion enthusiast has something in the closet with an animal print. I once bought one top and I think I actually worn it once.. maybe twice. Then it really stayed behind in the wardrobe between the unworn clothes. Yes, I am going to clean up my wardrobe soon and yes I will also write a blog post about this. If you find it interesting, read here the science why we buy clothes that we never wear.

Back to the subject. Here are 10 reasons why I will not shop for animal prints this fall / winter.

1 – It looks cheap and tacky

A complete dress, combined with striking jewelry looks tacky. How you combine it is and remains important. The image below seems nice, but be honest, would you walk across the street with this? Not me.

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2 – It reminds me of seniors with a cigarette in their hand

It’s something that I cannot get out of my head. What it reminds me are the elderly who tries to mix different colors and patterns with each other. Accompanied by a cigarette and the picture is complete. Personally I do not want to reflect this in public.

3 – It is not advisable to wear a cheetah-like print at work

Of course,I have number of styles that I just cannot wear at work. An example is ripped jeans or cropped top. If you still want to wear cheetah-like print at work, combine your style of clothing minimalistic. It inevitable that a co-worker will comment on your crazy cheetah-like print. Maybe you work somewhere where it does not really matter. In that case, this does not apply to you.


4 – I love animals, I just do not want to look like one

Every time I see someone with a striking animal print, it reminds me of carnival. Do not get me wrong. I love animals, but I do not want to look like one.

5 – men will glare at you in a different way

If you are an attention seeker then you really should try one of those dresses with a cheetah print. Reason being, men will glare at you in a certain way. Just my two cents of honesty. Perhaps the true savage animal instinct comes to live in every heterosexual man. They will see it as a sort of invite with a message like: Look at me boy if only you know how I am in…. (fill in the dots).

6 – It is not everlasting

Animal print is not everlasting trend. Because it is so noticeable, chances are that you will not wear it after a few times/occasions. Now I have to confess that I always shop with the idea how I can combine and match my clothes. I never shop a complete look. I always try to buy clothes that will last more and look fresh every season.

Ik ben gek op dieren, ik wil er alleen niet uit zien als één

Final words: it’s not all too bad

After reading the above, you might think that i hate animal print. To be honest i like some. I really do. for example i really like a fashion combination which in the end is subtle. for example if i put on a leopard print boots i would combine it with plain colored top and bottom. eventually it’s a personal preference. What is your opinion about the following items that I found via Zalando? Would you wear it?

 River Island – Maxi-dress
 Soyaconcept – NORA – Shirt blouse

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