Foundation is a type of product that just has to blend perfectly on your skin. For that reason alone, you want to prevent that it is too visible compared to your own skin color. Whichever look you use, the principle is the same, fewer layers you have to apply to cover certain parts, the better it is in the end.

Past week I daily used the foundation from Primark. Is it worth buying this budget foundation? Let’s find out.

The products I have tried are:

  • PS… My Perfect Colour – Moisturising Foundation Stick
  • PS… My Perfect Colour – Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation Bottle


PS… My Perfect Colour – Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation Bottle

Plus points:                                                   

  • It stays perfectly the whole day
  • Coverage is middle to high
  • A matte effect and therefore no shiny face


  • Tip up to get foundation out of it. The bottle is made of glass
  • Because you have to tip over, you can make a mess
  • For a good coverage you have to apply another layer
  • Because it is matt, your face feels slightly greasy for the first few hours


My experience after one week of use

It is and continues to be gambling when it comes to the right color. What I recommend is to apply the tester just below your jaw line. After about 5 minutes you know if it is the right color. Even though this is a budget product, you buy it because you hope it fits your face.

After my purchase, I applied this foundation the next day before I went to work. I consciously chose to use this product without first applying a base.  I did use a blush for a little bit of color on my face. Other then that I have not used concealer, contouring kit or powder on my face. This way it was the ultimate test.


as always I always have back-up make-up.  This time as a emergency I also had my make-up remover and my trusted foundation of L’oreal. I do not want to run the risk of running around with a cake face or spots at work. Fortunately everything went well. I did not have to update my face all day. In the first hours you will notice that your skin feels a bit greasy. What I therefore recommend is to use a setting spray. What is also good to know is that this product offers SPF 15 protection. This is not enough of course. Anyhow it is better than no sun protection right?

PS…  My Perfect Colour – Moisturising Foundation Stick

Plus points:

  • Easy to carry in your purse
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Not too thick in size
  • Can be used as a mild concealer

Min punten:

  • No SPF
  • Somewhat too broad in size


Easy to take with you

Let’s continue with the second product. The foundation stick of Primark. The principle of this product is that you can build the  coverage. I bought this product together with the bottle and of course I also chose the same color (cool sand). I find it quite broad in format. If it was slightly narrower you could, for example, rub your nose corners etc. well. On the other hand, this can also be a plus if you apply it to your entire face.


Am I going to use these products every day? Yes, why not. For me it is always about the end result. I am satisfied with these products. Now that I have tried it for a week, I wonder how my skin will be a month later. I do not expect crazy things honestly. This is partly because I take good care of my skin. If you just do not think about brands, everyone (regardless of the level of your income) wants to save money.

What are your experiences with Primark’s foundation? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Price/quality
  • Shade
  • Ease
  • Visibility after a whole day


Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation
I am really impressed by this product. It is to (almost) just as good as the foundation of Estee Lauder or L’oreal which I have a lot of experience with. Only real downside is that you have to pour it. the bottle is ade of glass which is always better than plastic in keeping the quality good. After use, your skin will feel slightly greasy for a few hours. In terms of tint, the undertone is not quite like that of your skin but it is very close. Use it for that reason moderate and build on from there. The foundation stays pretty good on your skin all day long. All in all a good foundation in terms of price / quality.

Moisturizing Foundation Stick
I think it’s a very useful product that can help you on-the-go. Sometimes, due to hormonal fluctuations, you suddenly have a pimple somewhere or redness. Grab this and quickly solve it in “the ladies room.” You can also use it as a mild concealer. Compared to concealer stick of the Kruitvat (a Dutch retail, pharmacy and drugstore chain specialised in health and beauty products) this is a good budget friendly alternative. There is no SPF in this foundation stick. What it does have is vitamin E. The principle is that this vitamin provides a beautiful skin. Research shows that vitamin E works better together with vitamin C. Let’s assume that it is (perhaps) of added value.

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