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Do you recognize that too? You get fresh out of your cosy warm bed and wash your face. Then you look in the mirror and you see swelling, bags, etc. Your face just does not look okay. Even though makeup can basically cover everything, after removing it you can see the truth: your skin is desperately in need of a treatment. Maybe a Jade roller can be a solution for you. Or so they say.

Jade roller is a massage treatment for your face and you can use it at any time of the day. However, I recommend to use it after you have removed your makeup. One reason is that you do not have to clean it that much.

The big question is whether you should add Jade Roller in your daily routine.

Fake vs real Jade Roller

FYI , jade is a common name for two minerals that are used as gems. Jade has different colors such as green, brown, black or cloud white. But did you know that there is also fake ones circulating? You can distinguish a real one from the fake one in the following way:

  1. Harness fake Jade rollers can break more easily in contrast to the real jade stones
  2. Air bubbles: see if your jaderoller has bubbles in the stone. If it has air bubbles, then it is not authentic and therefore fake. Real jade has no air bubbles.
  3. Weight: a jade stone has some weight to it meaning if it from glass it weighs less.
  4. Cold stone a real jade feels cold because it does not retain heat. You can test it in the following way. Hold the Jade Roller in your fist and wait until you notice that it is as warm as your body temperature. Then place it on a table for about 30 seconds. Touch the jade stone with the tip of your tongue. Does it feel cold? If yes, then you have the real deal.

Finally, the real jade changes in color when it has been in contact with human skin for years. I am really curious what color my Jade will get. I will use it intensively until then (hopefully).

Useful or just a gimmick

Apart from the fact that it promotes blood circulation, strengthens your face muscles etc. etc., it feels a little bit weird. It reminds me of the moment when I started painting a wall with a roller. But let me tell you, after 10 minutes my skin feels nice, warm and like there is a glow. I use it in combination with a skin oil. This makes rolling very easy. I roll from the inside out and in one direction (don’t use it  back and forth).

The big question is whether you should add Jade Roller in your daily routine. It really depends on your situation and how much will power you have to keep using it . A good Jade Roller treatment takes about 10 to 15 minutes. I use it in the evening while watching TV but sometimes you just do not feel like to do it. Call it laziness. Buy it only if you are really confident that you will use it or if you think you can get addicted to the feeling of rolling (lol). I like it a lot and do it mainly to reduce eye bags and thus dark circles. Honestly, a good face mask ones a week works as well and saves your time.

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