Unless you have amazing lashes from birth, you are probably looking for ways to give your lashes an extra boost,. At the end of the day it does not matter how much you invest in a mascara. If you do not have enough and tall lashes, you can not create more than what you already have.

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Using fake eyelashes is perhaps the fastest way to create a real drama, glam etc. look. What I always dislike is that it looks so unnatural. When I look in the mirror, I see that my natural lashes are mainly scattered. Unless you are okay with a unnatural, it not what i personally like.

But did you know that with a simple trick you can turn fake eyelashes into a more natural-looking lashes? For this hack, I use fake lashes from AliExpress, eyelash glue and … now it comes, an eyelash brush.

Transformation to natural-looking eyelashes

What you need to do is to take your brush and go over the eyelashes. You do this with horizontal, diagonal and vertical movements. The result is very much like fake eyelashes from premium brands.  Most fake lashes have hairs that are evenly distributed, By using this trick, the lashes will be, just like your own, scattered.

Nepwimpers borstelen

Do you see the differences in the picture below?

before and after foto nepwimpers.

Just like your own lashes, it is scattered. Like always, you need to cut a little to match the lashes of your own. Do this very carefully. you can’t turn back when you cut to much.

The Result



Other important tips

Now that you have read how you can use a very simple technique to turn your budget lashes into a more natural-looking eyelash. Here are some useful tips if you want to start using false eyelashes.

  • Tilt your head to the back when looking in the mirror. By doing this you can put on the lashes easier.
  • Do not try to pull of the fake lashes with your bare hands. Instead use a make up remover on a cotton pad and push it off slowly. This way you are assured that your own lashes will stay in tact.
  • You can use fake lashes more than once. Clean it with (lukewarm) warm water and a little washing-up liquid in a bowl. Rub the eyelashes lightly. You can then remove leftover glue with the help of tweezers
  • The drier the eyelash glue, the better it stays on. True story. Waiting up to 20 seconds after you put on glue on the lashes  is really the minimum.
  • Use a little more eyelash glue at the end of your fake lashes. this way you can be assured that ends will stay in place.

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